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September 11 Email: Body

From: x
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 10:12:25 -0400
To: x
Subject: FW: peace work in nyc

From: x
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 11:35:38 -0400
To: x
Subject: peace work in nyc'

Hi. I have put together a mini-list of the 5 or 6 women who responded to my
post on SWS wanting to know about upcoming peace actions in nyc. i put it
together as a 'group' in my addressbook, so i have no idea what would happen
if one of you tried to reply-all. it might work or you might get a lot of
error messages back.

anyway, this is what I currently know. please pass along any other info in

1. there are two coalitions currently operating, and some move to bring them
together. One group has been meeting at an alternative space in lower
manhattan, Charas, and the other began at the Brecht Forum this past
saturday. more news in the future on those.

2. if/when the US initiates military action, there will be a peace vigil
from 4-7pm in Times Square. so if it starts at night, the vigil will be at
4pm the next day. if it starts in the morning, the vigil will begin that
afternoon. I think this is sponsored by the Charas group.

3. Arab American communities in NYC are experience assault. In Brooklyn,
the Arab American Family Services Center hgas been trying to organize a
response. they can be reached at x@x.x or xxx-xxx-xxxx. x for
Racial and Economic Justice at xxx-xxx-xxxx is also a good source of
information on this, as they are gearing up for solidarity work.

4. Sunday 9/23 is busy -
Al Awda, a Palestinian organization supporting the Right to Return, is
holding a forum to protest anti-arab racism at the Abyssinian Baptist
Church, time tba. check website for more info
a group of Jewish activists will be holding a community tashlich service
at 12:30 at 83rd street and the Hudson River. this will be oriented around
protesting the continuing israeli occupation, in light of recent events.
more info from x@x.x
there will be a contingent of peace activists at the city memorial
service at 3pm in Central Park. i have not heard of any meeting palce set
up yet, but the tashlich group will be leaving around 2pm to go over to the
memorial to be peace presence. so you could connect with that group at 2 by
the river.

5. the 9/29 anti-IMF rally has be transformed into a peace demonstration in
Washington DC, called by the anti-globalization folks. X at
X@x.x should know more about this.


September 11 Email: Date

Wed, 19 Sep 2001

September 11 Email: Subject

Subject: FW: peace work in nyc


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