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september 11 was a morning that i will never forget. it was the day that we here at Hardin-Simmons University were headed to the inaugeration of our new president Craig Turner. that morning i got a phone call from one of my friends down the hall and he said, "hey, terrorists just crashed a plane into the twin towers." i told him i thought he was joking and didn't give it a second thought. well, when i am walking through our lobby to got the the inaugeration i saw the collapse of the towers. my jaw dropped. i could not believe it. it just seemed like a dream. something that could not happen, like sort of we were invincable to this kind of violence. after that it did not really hit me that hard because i was in texas and that was in new york and it just seems so far away. also i did not know anyone who it affected so that just put it further away from me. also i thought, "don't dwell on it or it will take control of my daily actions." well, that is about it so guess i will go now.

bye and god bless
jay tippen

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