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NMAH Story: Story

I remember I was in English class my sophomore year of high school. My principal went over the loud speaker during that period and announced to the entire school what had happened to the World Trade Centers. I remember feeling a wave of shock and a feeling of really not knowing how to think or feel. Then, the principal said that everyone was going to have a chance to phone his or her mom or dad to check and see if they were ok, since the Pentagon had been attacked as well. My dad, being in the military, had previously worked at the Pentagon. He had just been transferred though to the AMC center. I felt at that time a sense of relief because I knew that my dad was safe. But I also felt a little concerned and afraid of the friends I had whose family did work at the Pentagon. I couldn't help but think of their feelings, and also that of my dad's for I was sure he still had friends that still worked in the Pentagon. When I got home that day, the TV was already on in every room that had a TV. The TV was on the same channel. My dad just stood there in the middle of the den staring at the television. My mother was busy answering the telephone that rang off the hook for days from our family and friends worried and concerned for my dad, thinking that he had not transferred to his new location yet. After a few days, things died down a bit, but there was still talk and discussion whereever i went about what had happened on 9/11

NMAH Story: Life Changed

I look at things a little differently now. My dad could have easily been located at the Pentagon when the attacks occurred, but he wasn't. For that, I am extremely grateful. I can't go around anymore taking things for granted, because in one second, I could lose it all. I have always tried to be a person who tried to appreciate everything that I have. After, 9/11, all that was reaffirmed and strengthened.

NMAH Story: Remembered

All of the innocent people who died that day should always be remembered and remind us everyday that we need to appreciate everything that is given to us. We also need to remember what happened so it won't ever happen again.

NMAH Story: Flag

Being part of a family who is in the military, the American flag has always flown at our house. Occasionally, during football season, my dad will put up the UVA flag in support of the Hoos! Yet, putting up the flag at my house has never just been for decoration. We have always been taught to respect the flag and remember why it is there. After 9/11, we still beleived this.


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